The following article was featured in this month’s Chew Valley Gazette. It is essentially a business update and will hopefully explain a little more about how BCC operates using examples from a few of the clients I have helped out.

(I have written three previous articles for the CVG, one introducing BCC, another explaining cold weather (or winter) tyres and giving other tips about winter motoring, and a third outlining your rights if you are in dispute with a motor trader having bought a second hand or a new car.)

“Bristol Car Consultant (BCC) has seen a varied and interesting first nine months of trading.
Every client has a unique requirement and I thought I would share some of the successes we’ve had in helping local people to save money on their motoring.
Many of you have just needed help to identify the best car for your needs and then support finding one at the right price. Others have had problems with dealer tactics when buying nearly new, or dealer integrity when buying second hand.
One client had to quickly identify and buy a competent but good-value automatic estate car as they needed to change car at very short notice. I suggested a two-year old Skoda Octavia Estate with a small petrol engine would suit their needs and budget. I found a car for them at a Skoda dealer less than 20 miles from their home. I believed the vehicle was being sold at a premium and helped them negotiate a £680 discount. From first call to successful outcome was four days.
Other clients have asked to me suggest two or three different cars, chosen one and then let me find what they need locally to them. They have then asked me to assess the ‘for sale’ price against the market to allow them to go to the dealer alone and negotiate themselves. The BCC service can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you save as much as possible overall.
A recent Bristol-based client wanted to replace a 6-seater Fiat Multipla with a newer car with the same layout – three seats across the front and three across the back. Choices are limited here but I found him a 2010 (one of the last ever made) Honda FR-V in excellent condition, with low mileage, and helped him negotiate the upgrade within his cost-to-change budget.
Another client wanted a nearly new BMW 3 series estate. Having test driven a 320d he agreed he would be interested in a more powerful 330d in the same specification at another dealership. A senior salesperson suddenly arrived and, before he realised what was happening, he had paid a deposit, signed a document saying he would accept the other car unless it had visible faults, and had bought extras such as ‘gap’ insurance. He felt bullied and rushed. He asked for my help. I managed to pull him out of the deal and found another BMW dealer for him. With my advice he had a much better second experience and secured a six month old 330D estate with all the extras he wanted and only 1500 miles for £9000 under the new list price.
Another client found two problems with a second hand BMW – an electrical glitch with the turbo and a deep scratch on the rear he had failed to notice. The dealer washed their hands of both. With my help he has now won a small claims court case against the dealer. He has been fully compensated.
Some of these recent successes are described in more detail on my blog at These include the valuing and selling of a 13 year-old Rover, which fetched more than 3 times its basic value due to the unusual circumstances, leaving a very happy vendor indeed!
For a wealth of useful information on new or used cars deals, advice on which car might be best for you, and my take on the issues which affect all motorists, such as the recent abolition of the paper tax disc and now the driving licence counterpart, follow me on Twitter @BristolCarChat. BCC is also on Facebook.
My website explains how BCC works and may help answer any questions you may have.”

Article in Chew Valley Gazette