Independent Advice, Practical Assistance – Buying, Selling, Maintenance, Repairs

I am an independent and impartial car specialist dedicated to helping people save money when buying or selling their car and to reducing their overall ownership costs.

I can advise you on which car to buy depending on your needs and finances – size, reliability, engine/battery size, petrol, electric, hybrid or diesel, depreciation levels, ownership satisfaction and so on.

I can also advise whether to buy on finance or whether to lease, depending on your needs and how long you plan to keep the car. There are so many finance and purchase options now that good, independent advice can really help you to make the right decision for your circumstances.

I can help ensure you get the best price for your old car, whether you are selling it privately, to an online trader, or trading it in.

I will provide as much help and support as you require throughout the process of selling or buying a car. I can do this for you in person, on the phone or via email – you decide.

Buying a car is often your second biggest financial outlay after your home. If you are concerned about the intricacies of dealing with the motor trade, or if you haven’t time to research the best car for you or to negotiate on price, let me do this for you.

Likewise, if you are keen to sell privately to maximise how much you get for your car but worried about people coming to your home, let me either help or advise you.  There are also a number of internet-based companies now that will offer you as much as a private sale for your car, so this is a viable, relatively new option for maximising the selling price and minimising hassle.  I have used many of these companies, so can help advise you here.

I can also help you save money during your ownership of a car – for example, ensure you don’t pay dealers more than necessary to fix faults, source the right tyres for you, or advise regarding routine maintenance and servicing.

I also offer advice and a range of services covering many other aspects of the motoring world, all dedicated to saving you money.

When you consider all the financial aspects of car ownership – initial purchase, ongoing maintenance costs, and selling on, with the right advice over the period of ownership of a car, you could save thousands of pounds. Let me help you with this!

Every client I’ve helped so far has benefited both financially and/or in getting the right car for their needs. Please call me today for advice or just to discuss your plans with no obligation whatsoever. I will be honest with you about whether I think I can help you.

Remember, BCC exists to save the motorist money!