In addition to having your car serviced regularly, you should also regularly check your tyre pressures and fluid levels.

I’d suggest checking these monthly. You should not rely on annual servicing alone!

If your tyre pressures are correct you will be much safer if you need to brake suddenly. Under or over-inflation will significantly affect the tyres’ performance.

Correct pressures will also minimise tyre wear. Tyres that are over-inflated will wear prematurely at the centre of the tread. Under-inflation will wear the outer edges too quickly. Tyres are expensive and you should make every effort to look after them.

Correct tyre pressures will also ensure you get the fuel economy you deserve. Neglecting tyres and allowing them to be under-inflated will increase how much fuel you use.

You should also regularly check your oil level, coolant level and windscreen washer level. Oil level is critical. Too little oil will lead to engine damage. Please do not rely on the oil warning light!

All the above checks are extremely easy to do – please contact me and I can tell you or even show you how to do all of this.