If you already know the car that you want, but don’t have the time to search for it, let me find it for you at the best possible price.

Whether you are after new or used, I will research the market and find what you need at the best price.

I can also help you decide which finance option to go for depending on your needs – e.g. how much you want to spend up front, how long you want to keep the car, and so on. ┬áThere are many excellent deals to be had currently through leasing instead of buying. For many, this is the cheapest way to drive a new car.

If the car is second-hand, I can have it inspected for you to ensure it is mechanically sound. I will also arrange checks to ensure it has not been in an accident, isn’t stolen and has no finance outstanding on it.

Once I have found your car, I can assist you with its purchase and, if you wish, bring it to your door.

The perfect car fro the new driver
A car for a new driver?