I have this week helped a client sell their Renault Zoe.

This is a small (think Renault Clio) and very modern hatchback that runs 100% on battery power. It has no internal combustion engine.

It was very impressive. Seemingly well made, lots of clever design touches and extremely well specced in terms of extras, most of which are standard on the Zoe Intens model. ¬†Have a look at Renault UK’s site if you want to know more about the specification, or look at the car-by-car reviews at honestjohn.co.uk

I accompanied the buyer on his test drive. I was very impressed with the way it drove. Due to the electric motor, there is 100% of the car’s torque available instantly. This makes for excellent acceleration at town speeds. It isn’t quite as impressive at overtaking speeds, but still quick enough to be safe.

It has a realistic range of under 100 miles before it needs to be recharged, but if you need a small car for local trips, or if your commute is less than about 30 miles each way, this could be the car for you. No fuel costs, minuscule charging costs (£2-3 to charge up at home and free if at a charging station at a garage or service station), and no road tax. Less moving parts to go wrong too.

If this fits your driving habits and pocket, it might well be worth a look!

Renault Zoe electric vehicle