BCC has seen numerous happy clients since the last business update in June.

I am helping more and more people to find the right car at the right price.

Dealers will often mark up the price on a second car so it is considerably higher than the car’s actual value. I can tell you what the car you are looking at is actually worth. This will give you more confidence when it comes to negotiating.

Another trick often used by franchised dealers is to mark the price of a second hand car up and say that this is due to the options fitted. Well, they got their extra money for the options first time round when the car was new.  Why do they expect to get that money twice?

To be clear, options on a second hand car rarely affect its value. Some colours may be more popular than others, and some options (leather, navigation etc) may make a car more desirable to the purchaser, but do not pay over the odds for optional extras.

If you are planning to buy soon, give me a call and let me make sure that you get the right car for your needs and that you do not spend more than you have to.

I am also helping clients to sell their cars. Two recent sales that were challenging related to a big-engined Mercedes and an electric vehicle.

The Mercedes took a while to sell due to its high fuel consumption and high road tax, but we persevered and got there in the end – all you need is one buyer.

The electric car was a Renault Zoe and you can read about the car in the recent post dedicated to it.

Selling it was, again, a challenge as it required the purchaser to take on the monthly payments for the lease of the car’s battery.

But again we got there. The purchaser was very keen on environmentally clean motoring and understood the quirks relating to the battery.  If you advertise in the right place and in the right way, you will find the right buyer. I can help you with that.

Remember, all new clients will go on to enjoy my existing client benefits – see the page dedicated to this.


New clients – buying and selling