Ed Wiseman, writing in The Daily Telegraph’s Motoring section on 25th August 2018, described the public’s relationship with the motoring trade as follows:

“The process of buying, maintaining and selling a car has historically been rife with scams and pitfalls, and people are understandably wary.”

As I read this, I immediately thought that it perfectly described the reason for and the entire ethos of my business.  As you will read on other pages here, BCC exists to bridge the gap between the untrusting and nervous car buyer, car seller, or person whose car needs servicing or a repair, and the motor trade, not all of whom are not to be trusted.

In fact, in the years since I set up BCC, I have found the vast majority of those in the motoring trade to be fair, decent and trustworthy.  This, of course, doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking to make money, which is, of course, one of the things that makes the world go round.

What I have also consistently found is that my knowledge of the way the motoring trade operates can help save my clients time and money.  For example, those selling a car will take the asking price from someone prepared to pay it. Of course they will.  They will, however, also usually be prepared to move on the price either simply if asked, or if you tell them you know how to get the offer of a better deal elsewhere.

Give me a call if you think I can help you.  I will save you more than I charge you. I believe I have successfully done this for every client I have helped thus far, normally in monetary terms, but sometimes in time saved, and often in both.

Ethos of BCC perfectly described in The Daily Telegraph