I recently assisted a client with trading in two Peugeots for one newer model, the excellent new 3008 1.2  Puretech 130 GT Line EAT6. After engaging my services, he emailed his family, friends and colleagues to recommend BCC.

An edited version with his permission:


“Dear All

I would like to share and commend a service that I stumbled upon, having previously been unaware one even existed but which I used and found to be a terrific help. It is a car consultant and he is Duncan Wood. Although you will probably have no use for him now, it’s the sort of contact to note for if and when you do. His website http://www.bristolcarconsultant.co.uk/ explains what he does but in short, anything to do with cars and he’s your man! Buying and selling, he’ll do it all for you, he’ll find out where to find something or get something done or tell you how to do it. This is not to undermine your favourite local garage or man but perhaps something bigger than them or if you want a second reliable opinion. Duncan is just passionate about cars and trying to build a business. I suspect that, like me, you would not normally consider using such a service for fear of being, excuse the pun, ‘taken for a ride’! I am absolutely confident that he will provide straight honest advice but, anyway, the success or failure of his venture depends very largely on reputation. His very reasonable charges are laid out in his website but a one-off telephone call costs nothing and, as I think he says, whatever his charge, it will always be a great deal less than what he saves you.

Take my case as an example, albeit probably more complicated than most……

Enter Duncan Wood (……….).

He went forth acting with my delegated authority, haggling as necessary, patiently following the goalposts when we moved them, computing the benefits and penalties of part exchange/private sale and then suddenly ‘Bingo’! He found a one year old 3008 with only 1700 miles on the clock, in dark blue and in Bournemouth (it could have been Barnsley!). Whilst he reckoned he could have got more for our cars selling them privately, the apparent gift horse of right car, right price, age, mileage, colour and location made the slight loss of part exchange as nothing against the plusses. We had got precisely what we wanted, and by this option, we avoided a protracted period of uncertainty.  Coming from a large, reputable dealer, a couple of close-up videos were sufficient viewing.  The deal was done and we are delighted with the result.

A good rapport was established early on but throughout, Duncan, was diligent, helpful, on hand and patient despite our frequent, often belated, changes and questions. However, the BIG bonus for me was the total removal of the hassle, making the potentially traumatic process, selling, buying and downsizing, pretty painless. His fee, £200.

Why am I doing this ‘promotion’? A measure of ‘quid pro quo’, but mainly because, by sheer good fortune, we were able to achieve what could have been a harrowing, stressful and expensive transition so smoothly and easily. Duncan was the means by which we achieved it, indeed I wish I had known ‘a Duncan’ earlier on in my driving life! Finally, good news (especially about cars) is worth sharing and if ‘my’ find is of benefit to only one friend, I will be more than satisfied! And I told Duncan to make sure he didn’t let me down!

Finally, I should add that although he lives south of Bristol and personal visits will obviously be affected by geography, most of his business is done by telephone and the internet, you will see from his ‘reviews’, he has satisfied clients in Surrey, Kent and Wandsworth, so distance is not necessarily relevant. He visited us three times.

Happy motoring and best wishes.”

A service you may think you don’t need! A car consultant.