I thought a summary of some of the recent work I have been doing might be of interest or help you decide whether to give me a call!

Helping sell a 27 year-old BMW, finding the best £10k coupe, hunting for a discount on a £50,000 Audi (£4k off!), upgrading a 6-seater family car, trying to solve a persistent fault on a 15 year old Saab (still trying!), changing an Audi TT for a fun family car, taking on BMW over an Approved Used Car with two electrical issues and, this week, sourcing a Volvo XC70 of the exact spec the buyer wanted less than 20 miles from his home.  See testimonials.

I’m also trying to help a customer value and sell a 13 year-old car with less than 200 miles on it. This has been a fascinating story, more of which I’ll share once we’ve achieved the desired result!


Wide variety of work!