A summary of some of my recent work:

Helping two clients buy a first car for their children – finding a safe, reliable car that is cheap to insure, but still cool enough for the young person!

Supporting another client in finding a sports car to a very specific specification. 

Finding an estate car with must-have options within a challenging budget. 

Helping a client to release significant funds through selling a nearly new car and changing to a two-year older vehicle that does a better job of meeting their motoring needs. 

Selling a client’s large diesel SUV and supporting their move to a premium hybrid family car. 

If you think I can help you to change cars or if you need a specific vehicle for your needs, do get in touch for a no-obligation chat! 

07983 262 310 – either call or via WhatsApp 

Or email duncan.wood@bristolcarconsultant.co.uk

“So, what does a Car Consultant do?”