I bought one of these for short runs and to reduce the fuel and tax bills associated with the Octavia Scout – I already have a family estate car and also couldn’t justify running two large petrol turbos. I also no longer needed two estate cars.

My Citigo is the 75PS Elegance Greentech. It has a one litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine. It’s a revelation!

Average 60mpg, no road tax, heated seats, navigation, stop / start and Bluetooth phone and music streaming. To drive it is great fun too. The twisty country roads near me are great to drive, but in the Citigo it’s so much fun that I’m often taking the slightly longer route home, a sure sign that a car is getting under my skin.

This is the lowest-powered car I’ve had since my Fiat Panda when I was 18, but I haven’t had so much driving fun in years. I started out looking to reduce costs, but have ended up with much more than I could have imagined.

The car is also remarkably roomy and refined. I never feel remotely claustrophobic and it’s so comfortable that I took it up to London a few weeks ago. Sitting on the motorway at slightly more than the national limit I felt safe, relaxed and extremely comfortable.

Congratulations to VW, Skoda and Seat. The Up, Citigo and Mii, all effectively the same car, have taken the small car game on to new levels.


Skoda Citigo – Surprise Package!