Hi all, just two recent examples of successes I have achieved for my clients in the last month, which may help you to understand what I can achieve.

Buying a Jaguar, my client was offered a poor trade in on his current Range Rover.  He came to me and I advised him to sell through another channel, also a trader network, but at what was likely to be a better deal.  I did this for him and achieved £3200 more than Jaguar had offered for the Range Rover.  My fee, £200.

Other clients wanted to buy two nearly new VW Golfs, both petrol automatics, an estate and a hatchback.  They had an elderly VW Polo to trade in. They live over 100 miles from me, but I engaged remotely with a VW dealer local to them, and found the cars they required within a few days.  Because it was a three-way transaction, VW agreed to add £500 to the initial part-exchange price offered, and reduce one of the Golfs by the same amount.  Saving to my clients, considerable time and £1000. 

I arranged the Covid-safe delivery of the two Golfs to my clients, their Polo being picked up at the same time.  My fee, £200. 

Do get in touch if you, or any friends or family, need help with buying or selling a car.  I’ll do all I can to help you save time and money. 

Recent successes for BCC Clients!