It is a difficult time for us all and the car market has been impacted by Covid 19, as have most  businesses in one way or another. 

Most dealers are offering normal services from their servicing departments, although I would advise only going to see them for essential maintenance. The dealers are saying that they open for business as usual but, when pressed, mine has admitted that it is up to the customer if they wish to bring their car in.  In other words, if you are questioned by the police as to the purpose of your trip, saying your car dealer said it was okay to come in for routine maintenance might not wash.

Most dealerships are also offering a ‘click and collect’ service in their sales departments.  This means  that you can browse online, select a car, pay and then the dealer will deliver it to you.  Going in for a test drive isn’t currently allowed.

This has meant that I can continue to advise clients on the best car for their needs, help with finding one and negotiate with the dealer on their behalf.   I can also still advise on the precautions to take as the deal is discussed, optional extras and add-ons are suggested by the dealer, etc.  Likewise, I can continue to advise on the things to look out for at pick up, or on delivery in the current climate.  So, if you decide to use lockdown to find you next car online and you feel like you might need some assistance with that, please give me a call.

In relation to car sales, trade-ins are still possible when buying from a dealer, but using car-buying sites is currently tricky, unless they are prepared to come and collect your car.  I would advise against a private sale during lockdown.  However, if you would like any advise about selling your car now, please call me.

Stay safe everyone.

New lockdown, the dealership network and how BCC can help