If you are seriously considering a second hand car, you can now check the results of all its MOT tests. This will include any advisory notices* on the car as a result of MOT tests.

Click on this link. ¬†Also, save it as a favourite or record it in your phone’s notes so you have it when you need it.


Give it a try on your own car, it’s very easy to use.

* An advisory notice is issued when a car is MOT’d and the tester notices something that will need attention in time but isn’t advanced enough to fail the test.

It might read something like, “rear offside tyre at 2mm” – i.e. the tyre will need replacing soon, but isn’t worn enough to mean that the car fails the MOT.

Another example might be “light misting on nearside front shock absorber” – this may mean that the hydraulic fluid in the shock absorber has started to slowly leak out – again, not enough to fail the MOT, but advising that you should have it looked at again soon, and certainly by the time the next MOT comes round.

New Government tool to check a vehicle’s previous MOTs