I was at a Lexus-sponsored rugby day yesterday and had a close look at their new NX 300h Petrol Electric hybrid.

This is car is at the expensive end of the smaller SUV market, but I was very impressed with what I saw.  The design is an evolution of the RX450h’s look, but more compact and angular.  It looked great! The obvious competitor is the Range Rover Evoque.

The interior was beautifully put together and very modern, with a large screen for the Nav and other controls, a pad for writing with your finger and an analogue clock to help try to keep things traditional too.  It worked for me.

How it drives I can’t tell you as it was a static display.  I would have concerns about how the CVT transmission would feel as I am not a fan of them, but that might be a bit harsh as Lexus may well have moved the game on since I drove one of these gearboxes.

It it has a 2.5L petrol engine assisted by an electric motor.  Claimed mpg is 54.3 and emissions are just 121g/km.  There are no diesels in the range.

The overall impression is one of luxury and space, but the driving experience is important too.  If you have driven a NX, let me know what you thought on Twitter @BristolCarChat.

2WD models are available from £29,495 and the range topping 4WD is £39,635.



Lexus NX 300h Sport