Published in January 2016

Bristol Car Consultant (BCC) is continuing to help Chew Valley residents save time and money when buying and selling their cars. Here are two recent examples:

After initially considering a bigger car and having difficulty with a pushy dealer, a client decide to buy a reliable, cheap to run, second-hand family car. She settled on a VW Golf with a small petrol engine. I quickly found her a car within her budget and with the options she required. I then spoke with the dealer to establish its history and condition. Once satisfied with the car, I advised my client as to its correct value for a dealership sale which was several hundred pounds less than the dealer was asking.

Armed with the knowledge that the car was in the right condition, had the right history and with newfound confidence to negotiate on price, my client bought the car at a significant discount. Please see the most recent testimonial on my website.

Another client needed to sell a nearly new Renault Zoe electric car. This was a challenge as it required the purchaser to take on the monthly payments for the lease of the car’s battery. I marketed the car carefully and found a purchaser who was very keen on environmentally clean motoring and understood the quirks relating to the battery. The car sold at asking price.

The Renault Zoe is a very interesting car and perhaps a glimpse into the future of motoring – I have reviewed it in more detail in the blog on my website.

So, if you need to sell a car, even if it is an unusual vehicle, give me a call!

In fact, whether buying new or used, or selling your car, please feel free to email me or call me for a chat about your circumstances. I am happy to discuss your plans with no obligation whatsoever. If you do not wish to engage my services after we have spoken, that is completely fine.

However, thus far, I am saving every client far more money (and time and effort) than I charge them, whilst ensuring that they get the best car for their needs, or sell their vehicle quickly for the best price. Please see my website for more detail in relation to the services I can provide and the testimonials from satisfied customers. Also see the “Existing Client Benefits” page.

With Winter finally here, you need to ensure your car is ready so that you can keep yourself and your family as safe as possible.

Winter car advice starts with ensuring your battery is performing well – as running lights, heating etc. works the battery harder. If your battery is 5 or more years old, you might want to consider changing it before winter really sets in. Check all lights are working so you are easily seen, ensure your wiper blades are in good condition and your windscreen washer is topped up. For longer journeys, considering carrying warm clothes, a fully charged mobile phone and even a spade when the snow comes.

Finally, ensure your tyres are in good condition with a least three millimetres of tread to help with traction in slippery conditions. For more tyre advice, including advice on winter tyres, please see my website.

The BCC website is

You can call me on 07983 262310 or email

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