Hi and I hope everyone is safe in these very strange times.  It’s been a quieter few months for BCC due to the pandemic, but it seems the used car market is ticking along quite nicely now. 

I’m seeing clients re-evaluating their lives and buying or selling cars to reflect their new plans / way of life. Often this is people who no longer need to travel huge annual distances for work, or just those that are not commuting as much and now working from home.  So this is seeing a speeding up of people getting out of diesel cars and buying petrol, electric or hybrid.

I have recently helped several clients into smaller petrol-engined cars and have just found a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (hybrid) for a person living locally to me.  I am also looking for a BMW 530e (another hybrid) in a particular spec for another client at the moment.

If your motoring needs have changed recently and you need help to change vehicle, please give me a call.  I’ll ensure you get the best car for your needs and I will provide you with the peace of mind that  comes from my understanding of the market. 

BCC business picking up